24hr Basement Flood Repair

Up and down the North West coast, homeowners are once again embracing springtime as the rainy season comes to an end and more sunshine prevails. From British Columbia’s Lower Mainland down to Los Angeles they have seen torrential downpours over the winter months, but that is not uncommon during the cold season. Unfortunately those downpours have led to more than a few flooded basements and that undoubtedly causes undue stress and grief.

Expert Flooded Basement Repair

In Vancouver BC, Clearly Plumbing Ltd is comprised of a top-notch team of professionals who are experts in dealing with a flooded basement in Vancouver. Working on their own or together with customers insurance and restoration companies, they regularly resolve home flooding problems both effectively and efficiently. The Clearly Plumbing team are trained and certified technicians and an experienced group who are fully equipped with the latest tools and hardware. For both residential and commercial buildings in Vancouver BC, Clearly Plumbing is the company to call for fast expert building flood remediation services.

24 Hour Emergency Plumbers

Vancouver area residents who are so unfortunate as to have their home flooded can count on Clearly Plumbing to provide the best in water damage remedial services. Plumbing technicians are on standby for 24 hour emergency plumbing service at a moment’s notice. Clearly Plumbing always has a high-capacity pump truck available to pump out any quantity of water from your home’s basement. Additionally, their technicians have the skills and experience necessary to identify and repair the source of the problem. Underground pipes damaged by tree roots can be quickly replaced using trench-less, no-dig technology.

Plumbing and Heating Repair

The basement is the most common place for a home’s furnace to be located, and that usually means that a basement flood also causes serious damage to the furnace. Clearly Plumbing is a full service plumbing and heating company and can therefore look after your home’s furnace too, should it be damaged by a flooded basement. Trained to service all brands of furnaces, including Trane, Lennox, Rheem and others, The Clearly Plumbing technicians arrive at your home or place of business with a service vehicle stocked with almost any part that might be required.

No Overtime Fees

Whether you require 24 hrs emergency plumbing service due to a flood or any other reason, you can count on Clearly Plumbing to get there quickly, any time of day or night and to resolve your plumbing or heating problem without charging for overtime. Hopefully you will never experience a flooded basement, but just in case, write down their contact information and add it to your list of emergency phone numbers so you have it handy if needed.

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Exterior House Painting Contractors

House painting is a popular home improvement project and homeowners everywhere use exterior painting to increase the curb appeal of their dwellings. However, there is more to sprucing up the exterior walls than merely making the home look better. It also helps protect the home from the effects of weather. When searching for house painting contractors, it is good to remember to find the best house painters Vancouver has to offer.

Before hiring an exterior painting contractor in Vancouver, take time to make sure you have found the very best your money can buy. Here are some worthwhile factors to keep in mind.

Experienced House Painters

House Painting ExpertExperience matters in everything and that is certainly true for any house painting style. Be sure to find out how long the contractor has been in business. Exterior painting is a trade with high turnover rates. It is important to ensure that the company you choose to paint your home has been in operation for a minimum of two years.

Employees or Subcontractors

Some painting contractors use employees to complete jobs, but others hire jobs out to subcontractors. The reason it is important to find out about this is that when an employee is on the payroll they should be covered by worker’s compensation and other liability insurance. If you find out that the contractor is using subcontractors, be sure to obtain this information. Contractors have an obligation to provide you with proof of insurance regardless how they get the work done.

Licensed House Painting Specialists

Reputable companies obtain a government issued license. They also get covered with worker’s compensation and liability insurance to protect themselves. No conscientious, self-respecting business owner would risk the consequences of failing to do that. It is vital that when hiring painting contractors to check for this during the interview process.

Preparing the Site

Another important factor to consider when looking for a local house painter is how well they prepare the home prior to spraying or brushing paint on it. The cheaper the estimate often means you can expect some skimping on the quality of work. Since prep work is less likely to be seen, this is where some contractors short change clients. Eventually, shoddy workmanship will show up. The finished product will not last as long.

In the Know

Good exterior painting companies know the products they use because they have the experience to back up materials recommendations. Additionally, they know which products work best in the area in which they work and stay current on the latest techniques. Professionals are always prepared to help clients with color and finish suggestions.

Get References

Every quality contractor has a long list of satisfied customers and is more than happy to provide references. It is up to you to get in contact with them before making a final decision about which one to hire.


It is always wise to speak with several painting contractors and compare estimates. While making inquiries, don’t forget to ask about the guarantee. Although there are certain warranties on the products used, the company you choose should also offer a guarantee on their work.


The price you pay for work done to your home will always be a reason for concern. No one wants to pay more than they should for any service, but cost alone should never be the first consideration when hiring a contractor. Painters often work with slim profit margins, so be sure you get the highest quality product possible by doing your research.

Now that you have an idea of how to hire the right painting contractor to paint your home, is there any reason to wait? Get out there and get those estimates.

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West Hollywood House painting

General Home Maintenance Tips

Taking care of a house is much beyond just simply installing a new sink in the kitchen. Great amount of study, dedicated efforts, and careful focusing on the details would be required to ensure the things are installed in a secured manner.

When purchasing a home, financial responsibility is the first thing that most people probably think of. One must never forget the labor and time that goes into owning a home. Similar to how a car needs regular oiling and engine maintenance to keep it happy and running, proper house maintenance tasks are essential to keep money wastage and headaches at bay.

It can certainly be quite intimidating to go through the list of tasks – especially for a new homeowner. Fortunately, most of the things on the list can be done DIY style, without the need for any previous experience. However, if one gets stuck during a task, the local handyman or renovations company for a a bigger project, would just be a call away.

In order to be efficient with the tasks, a house maintenance calendar might be necessary. Whether on paper or on a mobile computing device, regular tasks can be jotted down for every weekend. However, most of the aspects of a home would invariably require attention on a monthly, quarterly, and biannually basis. Some seasonal tasks are also in the fray. The following list does not need strict adherence; there could be several variations based on the needs of a home.

HVAC Filters

HVAC filters should be inspected every month if that’s the type of system you have in your home. Most experts would recommend changing the filters on a monthly basis, which is certainly not necessary. It is, in fact, fine to change the filters once in two or three months for families with fewer members and without any allergies or pets. The heat filter should be changed if it is dirty, or it should be inspected again the next month. Most plumbers would recommend cheaper filters, as regular replacements would not cause too much financial harm.

Faulty Plumbing

Plumbing must be inspected regularly for leaks and faucet-related issues. One should take a brief tour of the toilets and the faucets every month, to detect any small leaks. If there is poor water pressure out from a faucet, the aerator would most probably be the culprit. Thankfully, the fix is extremely easy! In addition, shower heads must be removed to clean the sediments, especially during winter. This would prolong the life of the bathroom accessory and will also help with water pressure. If the plumbing has become a problem and you are tired of how the place looks, then consider remodeling your home and replace the plumbing at the same time.

home maintenance tipsDrain Tile

Drain tile is essential to tackle any water in the basement. These drainage systems have been used in both construction and agricultural applications. The system basically drains water beneath and around the basement and also the crawl space.

Furnace Repair

The heating system should be in proper condition to tackle the wet and cold during winter. To make efficient use of the forced air furnace system, leaks in the doors or the windows should be regularly checked. The heating vents should be open and must not be furniture-blocked, and the furnace repair inspection work should be done at least once every two years. If there is a fireplace in the house, it should not be left out. If it’s hard getting the job done on your own, a furnace service professional’s assistance can be sought. The use of radiant heat technology may also come in handy.

Boiler Service

Reactive boiler service maintenance is perhaps the worst strategy any homeowner can adopt. It’s always better to plan and anticipate repairs, rather than evaluating and rectifying the error when the equipment fails.

Central Heating

The central heating system is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of any house. To ensure proper shape and condition throughout the year, the boiler must be repaired during summer. And, whenever possible, the heating system should be switched on for some 15 minutes every day even during summer.

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Local Search Presence With SEO Services

The use of local seo services is one of the most effective methods of digital marketing that is available to a business of any size attempting to establish a following within the market today. A belief that simply having a business would be all that is needed in order to start generating a base of customers is something that is common when new business professionals open their doors for the first time. However, they quickly come to realize that things may not be as simple as they would have hoped.

Advertising is the Life Blood of all Business

No matter what it is that you are attempting to sell to the people within your community, they currently have a massive amount of options to choose from. Additionally, many of these customers have established relationships with other companies that they will likely continue due to past experiences. If you have a desire to gain a percentage of the local customer base, you will have to look into popular methods of online marketing that can help you to take a different approach when it comes to getting your business the attention that it needs.

When you have something different and unique to offer the market, it can take some time in order for people to get comfortable with the thought of heading into your place of business on a regular basis. However, you should also look into creating an interest through using local online optimization services in order to help people find out about your company and what you have to offer them.

Attract new Customers

Do not assume that just because you are running a local business people will choose to come into your store each and every day that you are open. Instead, you should focus on offering something unique and different that can help you to stand out when potential customers stack what you have to offer with the alternatives that are already on the market. The way that you get noticed without spending a large amount of money on advertising would also be vital to making the most of any resources that you have available. For lower mainland businesses a good choice is the company listed below. They specialize in local SEO Vancouver BC, specifically home service companies.

Alternative Media

Advertising through social media can be a simple and effective way to boost the variety of people that begin to pay attention to your business and what you have been doing. If you are able to stay consistent while getting the word out about what it is that you are offering, you will find that reputation begins to result in local customers that would be the key to a following you need in order to become as successful as possible. Having a local business means that you should always provide friendly service that people are happy to make a part of their lives, but marketing the correct way is important.

Search Engine Optimization Company Vancouver BC

The use of SEO services would be the key to making online marketing work for your needs. Once you start to use search services, you would easily be able to create awareness within the community and when you put this in place today. If you are serious about getting your business to rise to the top in search engines then take a look at this company in Vancouver BC

Virtual Anchor
246 5th Street West
North Vancouver BC, V7M 1K1
Ph: 604-256-1115

Facts You Should Know About Allergies

Allergens are a huge problem for people living with allergies. For someone with multiple allergies, the world can seem like a minefield. As much as it may be difficult to avoid all allergens, it pays to learn as much as you can about allergens and get advice from experts on how to best avoid them.

Food Allergies

Among most people with food allergies, eggs, peanut, dairy products, nuts and soya are the most common. Allergy to peanuts is often life-long but some research suggests that some children may grow out of it. Peanut allergy can result in several reactions including anaphylaxis and can also be very severe that small amounts or traces of peanuts can cause a reaction.

Some allergies are commonly linked. It is not unlikely for someone with peanut allergy to be allergic to other legumes such as green beans, soya, peas and lupins because these foods contain similar allergens. In the same way, there are plenty of cases where people with rice allergies react to a number of foods in the same botanical family such as maize and wheat.

Understanding Allergies

Allergic reactions to foods and vegetables are rarely serious and usually only affect he mouth and or lips. Cooking is likely to destroy some allergens in fruits and vegetables. However, the allergens in some vegetables may not be eliminated by cooking.

Legal Requirements Regarding Allergies

microscopic allergens

Microscopic Allergens

Food manufacturers are required by law to clearly label the ingredients of their products. This goes a long way in creating awareness on products that may be causing allergies. It can be hard to know what you are reacting to if the ingredients are not specified. You should be able to avoid an allergic reaction by carefully checking the labels of food products for a list of ingredients.

Pollen does not seem to bug anyone but is also an allergen for many. Common pollen allergy signs and symptoms include sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, an itchy throat and coughing. It is very difficult to avoid pollen especially in an environment where you have little or no control.  However, there are several ways on how to keep pollen out of your home.

To minimize pollen allergies, you can always check out pollen counts before planning outdoor activities. Pollen is also most widespread in the morning so you can avoid going outdoors early in the morning. Closing windows and outside doors can also be helpful in reducing exposure.

The Most Common Allergen

One of the biggest causes of allergies is dust. Microscopic insects referred to as dust mites breed in dust and are known to be the cause of many problems. Exposure to house dust can also trigger asthmatic conditions such as shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. Targeted avoidance has been established to be as effective as medications in reducing these symptoms.

Dust allergies can be minimized by keeping your environs clean and avoiding exposure to dust. An allergy to any dust component may require medical testing so it is advisable to consult an allergist for professional help. Whether it is a food allergy to strawberry or the house dust mite, identifying the allergens you react to is only the first step. The best way to avoid an allergic reaction is to avoid the allergen that causes it.

We found an interesting site called Help With Allergies, that has some good information about natural remedies that are helpful in many cases. Something you might want to investigate.